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Emergency Response Service
In transportation operations, appropriate scheduling and timeliness of delivery are not less important than strict conformity to its operation procedures and regulations. The traffic laws and regulations of the vehicle speed limit of not faster than 60 kilometer per hour must be restrictedly followed by all B. Trans drivers. Each delivery trip must be recorded in details which includes date, product type, weight, mileage, times of departure, receipt, and return, etc. Recorded data shall be compared with that of GPRS tracking system, the speed monitoring equipment B. Trans installs in every of its delivery vehicles for ensuring of each trip to be according to target with utmost safety.

In distant product deliveries of which require continuous driving, two drivers shall always assigned for those particular operations for ensuring of safety and enable them to assist each other in any unpredictable accidents. Moreover, in some specific deliveries of hazardous products, such as that of chlorine which needs to strictly follow every safety precaution in utmost confidence and cannot even ignore a single minor mishap, B. Trans shall always be escorted by a convoy of which shall be well-equipped with all necessary communication equipment, emergency kits, operated by a knowledgeable and well-trained personnel on handling of that particular product.

With all times readiness prepared for safety precautions and emergency handling of unpredictable accidents during customers’ product deliveries, B. Trans has set up an emergency mobile team consisting of emergency cars fully equipped with all necessary equipment and kits, be staffed with well-trained and highly-experienced team members.