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About Us
B. Trans International Co., Ltd. or “B. Trans” was registered for operating the chemical transportation business on August 1, 1995. The company owns a fleet of various kinds of lorries; i.e., six and ten-wheeled trucks, and semi, etc.

B. Trans International Co., Ltd. was established for serving the transportation needs in chemical business on the recognition that safety in this business is not only concentrated on the production process and use, but distribution and safe delivery must unavoidably be concerned. Follow the mentioned principle, the company has commenced its chemical transportation operations in the highest standard of safety practices with most reliable vehicles, containers, and equipment which certainly includes timeliness delivery in the most appropriate routes and handled by well-qualified personnel. Maintaining high quality delivery standard, B. Trans carefully issued numerous safety standards covering specification of vehicles and equipment, type and characteristic of chemical container, transportation route and schedule, recruitment of appropriate personnel, training and educating of staff to aware the hazard and careful handling of each chemical, as well as controlling and monitoring to conform with all the working procedures.

These are all the objectives that B. Trans intends to contribute and develop safety, health, and environment for the people and society. B. Trans is confident that the rendered service shall be impressed and relied by all our customers as an integral part of their business.